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If you’ve recently made the decision to begin hosting a company blog in an effort to improve your content marketing efforts, one of the first questions you’ll likely ask yourself is how often you need to post. Or, perhaps you already have a blog but feel as though it is not yielding any results. Many businesses do not post on their blog frequently because they are worried about overwhelming their readers or they are concerned about running out of content. In reality, businesses should begin blogging as much as possible.

Blogging Statistics

According to HubSpot, businesses who published at least 16 blog posts a month drove 3.5 times more traffic to their website than those who published a maximum of four times per month. This is the equivalent of blogging every other day, versus blogging merely once per week. Additionally, companies who blogged frequently generated 4.5 more leads than those who did not.

Finding Content For Your Posts

Many are also concerned about coming up with content for their blog. However, you can generate content from anywhere. Find articles relevant to your industry and comment with your thoughts. Splice up a webinar into sections and write a blog post for each one. You can also consider recycling old content once you’ve blogged for a while.

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