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Building a website and a brand is one of the most important aspects of inbound content marketing. One of the most significant principals for companies to remember as they begin doing so is that more content will lead to more leads. Consider the fact that businesses with websites that contain 401 – 1000 web pages generate six times as many leads as those businesses with websites that include 51- 100 pages.

Creating more content, such as offer pages and blog posts, will improve the likelihood that your business appears in searches. If you’re still not convinced, you’ll find even more relevant statistics below.

  • Showing up in search engines are more important than you think. One study found that nearly 45% of online shoppers began the process by using a search engine.
  • According to the Hubspot survey, more than 80% of successful marketers indicated that their blog was either useful, important, or critical.
  • On average, outbound marketing techniques cost approximately $345 per lead, while inbound marketing efforts cost about $135 per lead. Although it may seem like hard work initially, creating content and investing in inbound marketing content could end up paying tremendous dividends.


The use of social media has increased by about 400% since 2006. Having new webpage that you can share on your social media pages can help you reach consumers.

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