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Adjossible’s pay-per-click (PPC) management services help your business climb to the top of search results and drive targeted traffic and conversions when people search for a product or service like yours on Google or Bing.

We have years of experience and millions of dollars in ad spend under our belt, and can oversee your business’s PPC strategy and budget to generate new customers and achieve your revenue goals.

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Our PPC management services will help your business’s growth in two ways:

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Bring in high-quality traffic to your site

With over 3 billion searches a day on sites like Google or Bing, chances are potential customers are looking for answers and solutions to products and services that your business provides.

Through our PPC management services, those people will be drawn to your site immediately and introduced to how you can help them.

Instantly Generate Results

Paid search ads will bring your business to the front page of Google as soon as it’s set up and submitted.

We ensure that the money you are investing in these pay-per-click search ads translates into a high rate of conversions with a cost that does not exceed the value of your customer.

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Adjossible’s PPC Management Services

PPC Management for Small Businesses

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Google Search Ads

Place your business on the first page of Google search results. When a potential customer searches for services and products like yours, your ad will appear first and direct traffic to your website.

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Google Remarketing Ads

The more times a person sees your business’s branding, the more likely they are to visit your website and buy.

Remarketing ads are shown to people who recently visited your website while they are browsing other websites within Google’s Content Network of thousands of websites. This increases the likelihood that they’ll return to your website and buy your products or services.

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Our PPC Management Services: The Process

A PPC Ad Specialist is Assigned to Your Account

One of our search engine advertising specialists will be put in charge of expertly managing your advertising campaign. Our specialists are trained in AdWords and have extensive experience when it comes to running a successful ad campaign. Your specialist will dive into the ins and outs of your business and then create a strategy that works for your unique business.

Researched Keywords to Boost Your Business

Keywords are the search terms that are typed into search engines when looking for answers or products. Your specialist will research hundreds and potentially thousands of keywords to make sure we are using the right ones to draw your ideal customers to your website. Your specialist will ensure that your website is optimized to get all the traffic it can.

A Look at the Competition

Your specialist will look at your top competitors and evaluate their ad strategies to make sure you get the edge. By looking at what they do well and what holes they leave, we will be able to create a smarter ad campaign for your business.

Ad Creation

We will expertly create your entire ad and write headlines and copy specific to the search keywords that will target your ideal customer. We also A/B split test your ads to ensure they are as high-performing as they can be.

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Campaign

Our specialists will monitor the activity of your ad campaign on a daily basis. At the first sign that your results are declining, we will pause the campaign and tweak it to optimize its performance. This saves your business money on low-performing ads, making sure your investment is protected.

Clear and Comprehensive Reporting & Communication

Transparency on performance – Your specialist will provide monthly reporting and clear communication to show how your paid ads are performing, how they are affecting your website’s traffic, and ultimately the amount of conversions they have generated. This way, you will never be left in the dark and will always know the return you’re making on your investment..

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Why Use Adjossible for Your PPC Management Needs?

Our Experience and Know-How

Our specialists are people you can trust with years of experience running successful search engine marketing campaigns every day for businesses of every size, and budget level. We proactively keep up on the latest best practices for ad copy, headlines, keywords, bidding strategies, audience targeting, etc., to ensure you are always getting the biggest bang for your marketing spend. Plus, we always are A/B testing and optimizing for higher conversions.

Your time is better spent focusing on other key areas of your business, rather than trying to become the expert on PPC yourself. Let us take care of that for you.

Our Customer-Focused Approach

We know that our success as a business is only as good as your business’s success.

That’s why we work hard every day to make sure we are doing everything possible to funnel customers to your business by getting the most out of your ad campaign.

Our Budget-Friendly Services

You don’t have to spend your entire budget on a big company’s retainer. We only charge the true cost of the services we provide so you can spend more of your budget on ad spend that drives revenue for your business. This helps us, help you and ensures you stay on as a client.

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Some Words From Our Customers

“With Adjossible, our lead generation has sustained an increase in activity to a level that is greater than anticipated. As a result, our sales pipeline has increased more than 150%. If you choose Adjossible, expect not only great results but excellent communication and an overall fantastic experience.”

Mike Aloe - COO @ Yottabyte

“We were looking to build out and optimize our sales funnel, and find the most economical way to gather leads and manage them. I have worked closely with Adjossible, and collaboration has been great. Their communication and approach have been stellar. We’ve seen a significant increase in leads and optimized our sales funnel.”

GSA Focus

Josh Ladick, President, GSA Focus

“I’ve worked with Adjossible for the better part of a year.  Adjossible has a tremendous breadth of capability, from digital marketing and social media to CRM and inbound marketing.  Every business owner knows how complex it is to market in an increasingly digital world.  There are so many tools, algorithms, and approaches to be aware of that it’s hard to keep it all straight.  Adjossible knows how to navigate all of it.  They have helped us with just about everything you could imagine: Google Adwords, paid ads on social media, email marketing campaigns, website, blog posts, LinkedIn messaging campaigns, print ads, event sponsorships, webinars, landing pages, registration pages for live events, etc.  I’ve also learned that Adjossible is constantly learning about and trying out new approaches as the marketing landscape continues to shift.  The last thing I would say about Adjossible, is that they are very service-oriented, which makes them easy to work with on any type of project.”

Brett Gililland, Co-Founder & CEO, Elite Entrepreneurs

“Adjossible has been amazing at generating interest in our company. They are thoughtful in their messaging and are very thorough in their nurturing of potential prospects. I enjoy working with Chad and his agency because communication is always timely and clear, expectations are understood, and deliverables are always met. If you’re reading this now, give Adjossible a shot at earning your business.”

Jackson Ostler - VP of Operations @ Plena Data

“I hired Adjossible for a few different projects and was really pleased with their professionalism, communication, and flexibility in completing the work.  Their turn-around time and their ability to execute on the vision I had for each project was excellent.  Because I was able to hand off these projects, I was able to focus my attention on the money-generating activities in my business instead of going down multiple rabbit holes in order to get these projects done!  I would hire this team again for future projects”

Kathryn H Brown, Strategy & Execution Coach for for Tax Professionals

“At a time when my company needed sales, Adjossible brought leads to our doorstep. Quality leads – people and companies who feel the pain that our technology solves.”

Aditya Dave - Founder & CEO @ Plena Data

“Chad assisted me with putting together content and strategies…He was extremely professional, smart, knowledgeable and responsive. I really enjoyed working with Chad and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Sarah M.