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Congratulations! You’ve decided to incorporate content marketing into your marketing strategy. Now, you must come up with ways to produce content that will benefit your organization. Curious about where to start? After taking insights from 628 advanced SEOs, we’ve come up with four types of content that attract links naturally.


Approximately 60% of the experts surveyed said that video content is useful for building links. Video is widespread across the internet and provides an excellent chance to connect with your customer base. Strive to create videos with which they can relate.


Yes, webinars continue to be a useful tool to help build links and attract customers. Try using webinars to attract customers at the beginning of your sales funnel, as opposed to once they are already inside your sales funnel.


Providing your consumer base with the latest data and research relevant to the industry is quality content with which your customers can connect. 70% of those surveyed found that this was the most efficient type of material to help build a profile.

White Papers

White papers can serve as the foundation of your content marketing efforts. White papers are beneficial because you can repurpose them and use them at various points of the sales funnel. They allow customers an in-depth look at your company and business practices.

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