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There are numerous reasons why your company should invest in content marketing. Unfortunately, not enough companies do so, and it ends up hindering their marketing efforts significantly. If you have yet to buy into content marketing, consider the statistics below.

  1. According to DemandMetric, 78% of chief marketing officers said that they believe custom content is the future of marketing. There’s no better time than now to get started.
  2. Six in ten marketers create at least one piece of content for their consumers daily, according to eMarketer. It’s crucial to remember that if you wish to build a successful brand, you must be consistent in your efforts.
  3. Customers are wary of scams and marketing tactics. According to Key Difference Media, 78% of consumers believe that if an organization provides custom content, they are interested in building a relationship.
  4. CMI found that 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. This number continues to grow every day. Additionally, Aberdeen found that conversation rates for content marketers were nearly 6x higher.
  5. Some of the most effective content marketers told TopRankBlog that they spend approximately 40% of their budget on content marketing. They also revealed to the blog that on average, they use 13 different content marketing tactics.

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