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Unfortunately, many marketers believe that outbound marketing is an adequate-enough strategy to help generate leads and convert sales. They think that merely getting a potential customer to their website is enough and that from there, the individual will make a purchase. This, however, is not the case. According to Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors that come to a business’ website are not ready to make a purchase.

More and more, consumers want to feel a connection or a relationship with the company with who they choose to do business. That’s why it’s crucial that companies invest in inbound content marketing techniques. Businesses must consumers a reason to return to their website a few times before they are ready to make their purchase.

Inbound Marketing V. Direct Response Efforts

When crafting their marketing plan, companies should make an effort to blend both inbound marketing techniques and direct response efforts. A successfully marketing strategy takes advantage of both. Focusing only on inbound marketing could cause your lead generation to suffer while focusing on direct response methods could cause the quality of your pipeline to suffer.

Self-Assess Your Marketing Efforts

Even if you feel as though your sales figures have been successful recently, it’s critical that you analyze your marketing efforts. Evaluate all of your marketing practices and determine whether you could make improvements. Think about whether you are practicing inbound techniques or direct sales techniques.

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