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When looking for ways to improve your content marketing, one of the tools you’ve likely heard about is the use of landing pages. Unfortunately, the use of landing pages is often understated, with marketers failing to recognize just how crucial these pages can be when it comes to driving web traffic and generating leads. Landing pages are a critical component of the content marketing process because they allow businesses to create areas of the website that are customized to specific customers.

The more unique landing pages that a business has on their website, the more likely they are to generate leads. For example, consider that fact that, according to Inbound Marketing Agents, companies with more than 40 landing pages generate 12 times as many leads as those companies who have less than five landing pages on their website.

To further emphasize the importance of landing pages and to figure out ways to improve your strategy, consider these facts:

  • Only 48% of companies built a new landing page for each marketing campaign they conduct.
  • On average, companies ask users to fill out 11 fields when visiting a landing page. However, reducing this number to four can increase your conversion rate by 120%.
  • More than 60% of companies run fewer than five landing page tests each month.
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