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When it comes to building content for your website, one of the tools you need to consider is a landing page. Landing pages can help you convert leads, giving you the opportunity to direct them to highly-targeted pages on your website as opposed to the standard homepage. According to HubSpot, companies see a 55% increase in leads when they increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. Additionally, Inbound Marketing Agents found that companies with more than 40 landing pages received 12 times as many leads than those who only had five landing pages. If you’re looking for creative ideas to improve your landing pages, consider these trends shaping the content marketing industry.

Introducing Interactive Content

Users are over static web pages. One of the best ways to create a memorable landing page explicitly tailored to a specific customer is by adding interactive elements to the page. When a user begins clicking on your landing page, you increase the chances that they remain on the page.

Increasing The Length Of Your Landing Pages

Over the past year or two, landing pages have increased in length. That’s because they’ve provided companies the opportunity to add multiple calls to action within the contents of the page, hopefully inspiring the consumer.

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