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Have you accepted the importance of social media when crafting your marketing strategy? If so, there is good reason that you should begin doing so. Social media can grant you access to a consumer base that you did not have access to previously – approximately two billion users, to be exact. What’s more, the most senior and influential B2B buyers recently indicated that they use online social networks heavily during their purchase process.

Social Buying Study

The International Data Corporation recently completed a Social Buying Study in which they asked B2B buyers about their use of online social networks. In the study, 75% of B2B buyers studied, and 84% of C-level/vice president executives, indicated that they use social media to support their significant purchase decisions. The study also found that these individuals benefitted from using social media because it provided them more efficient access to their professional network and the networks of other executives.

The Growth Of Social Media

As a result of the study, the IDC says that it’s reasonable to expect social media will continue to grow into a prominent purchasing tool. That’s because C-level and VP-level executive are often trendsetters, helping to determine the future of their organization. As leaders, if they demonstrate that they are using social media, others will likely begin doing so as well.

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