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Many companies underappreciate the value of inbound marketing. A survey of technology purchase decision makers found that they are 67% more likely to consider a vendor who educates them throughout each stage of the buying process. It’s crucial that companies gain a better understanding of the behavior of their consumer base. Doing so will allow them to deliver content that their consumer base finds beneficial. This is especially important for those in the technology industry.

Content In The Technology Industry

It’s vital that companies in the technology industry produce constant, reliable content for their consumer base. That’s primarily because those in the technology industry consume more content than those in any other industry. For example, eight out of ten technology professionals say that they consume weekly content on LinkedIn. Approximately 35% say they consume it daily.

Engaging With Content

Not only do technology professionals consume more content, but they are also more active when it comes to engaging with content. This means that those in the tech industry are reading and taking advantage of your content. Additionally, tech professionals are nearly 10% more likely to share content with those outside their traditional circle.

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