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Most marketers will tell you that it’s not always a fast game. Instead of a sprint, marketing for a business should be approached like a marathon, with the long term goals in place as you reach smaller, short term objectives.

That doesn’t mean that your business can’t benefit from a quick fix, however. As a business owner, you’ll often find that you want to create unique content for your lead magnets that get you fast results. With some efforts, this translates to low value activities that don’t really land conversions. Sure, they may bring in some initial leads – but those leads often don’t end up sticking through the entire process and becoming a conversion for you.

Luckily, lead magnets used properly is something that can get you big results with a minimal amount of effort and with a super-fast turnaround time. These little incentives are just that – easy ways to start luring visitors to your website. You’ll use your lead magnets to attract them to your page, then get their email address or contact info for use in the future. And best of all, many of the best lead magnets you can use are easier to access and closer than you might think.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a dozen of the best ways to create amazing lead magnets quickly. Within thirty minutes or less, you could have a big increase in hits on your page thanks to these little tricks.

One – Hand Out Transcripts
When podcasting or filming videos related to your business, it’s a good idea to create transcripts for each thing you create. The obvious reason is that you have a way to review what you’ve done so you can keep generating fresh content. But many users actually want to read information instead of listening to it.

You can use an online transcription service to create your transcript quickly, reducing hours of workload form your shoulders. Once you have your initial transcript, think about proofreading it and adding an intro and conclusion to it to transform it into a readable document. Then, save it as a PDF and add a lead box. Presto – you’ve got a lead magnet you can offer to anyone.

Two – Transform Your Best Blogs Into Reports
Have a blog that keeps generating leads and attention? Why not turn your best blog posts into a PDF document that you can give away to grow your email list? Start by using your analytics software to identify the blog posts that are really doing the most for your website. Once you find it, jazz it up a little by adding new content, visuals, and any additional insights you’ve gained since creating it.

From there, just save the document and offer to give it away to subscribers once they provide a name and email address. It takes as little as ten minutes to get this amazing magnet.

Three – Create A Swipe File That Showcases Your Best
Swipe files are easy to create complications of all of your best work. From sales letters to emails to blog posts, the goal with a swipe file is to create a greatest hits collection of your work that you can then give away. Maybe it’s quotes from clients, past sales info, blogs, and more. It’s easy to do – just compile all the right documents and convert into a PDF. Then give that greatest hits collection away using a lead form.

Four – Give Away A Checklist
One effect of the internet is that people love lists. Checklists make it easy to give readers additional value in a quick burst that they’ll actually use. It could be anything related to your work and your clients. Some examples include:

  • A checklist for a do it yourself project
  • Steps to speed up something in their life
  • Must have items for the job
  • A breakdown of easy ways they can be better at what they do
  • And more

Whatever you decide, just type it up and transform it into a downloadable PDF. Then give it away as your lead magnet.

Five – Use Hard Numbers and Analytics
No, we’re not suggesting that you give away confidential company numbers or hard data on your sales that could be used against you. Instead, think about some things you’ve done that generated data you can use. Maybe it’s a breakdown of marketing results, split test numbers, or even results from an experiment or a project you ran.

Take that data, transform it into a PDF, and then write a fast intro that lets readers know just what it is they’re looking at. Then, use it to generate your leads.

Six – Giveaway Part Of Your Service
Few options will generate as many leads as giving away part of what you do for free. Think about what you do and how you can give part of it away for free – a chapter of your book, a free website template, or something similar. You’ll give readers a taste of what you can do, and land them in a big way.

Seven – Give Away A How To
If you’re providing anything that includes a ‘how to’ aspect, why not give something away? If you’re a restaurant, why not give away a free recipe? The same works for food bloggers, fitness trainers, and more. Or give away a list on how to do something – whether it’s playing guitar or create better SEO.

Eight – Showcase Your Routine
We all have routines. If you’re successful at something, why not give away your basic routine. This could be daily habit or regimens, but it could be a shortcut to something related to your business – your routine for dealing with a problem employee or a breakdown of how to destress at the end of a day.

Nine – Use Infographics
Internet users prefer to use infographics over tons of text. It’s easy to use online tools and templates to take your data and turn it into a simple to use infographic, then give that graphic away as a lead magnet.

Ten – FAQs
You already know what kind of questions you get frequently asked. Try to gather all of that into a FAQ that you can then give away. It’s a fast path to an easy, effective lead magnet.

Eleven – Create A Video Clip
If you’ve done any videos in the past, why not gather some of the best of your videos, edit them down into a smaller size collection, and give away a ‘best of’ video collection? A ten minute clip from a  webinar, for instance, could be the perfect introduction into what you provide to your clients and can be easy to create and upload for your leads to check out.

Twelve – A Tool Or Resource
Think about all of the lists of your tools and apps that you use in your business operations. Get the online links to each of them, and type up a short description of what they do and why they’re so important to your business. Then, just transform into a PDF and add the lead form for great results.

These simple solutions can give you great power over getting leads that actually turn into conversions. Think about each of them and apply the information above, and you’ll have more lead magnets than you ever thought possible – and get fast results from them!