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If you have been struggling to generate viable sales leads, one of the things you should consider is whether you’ve made enough contact with potential customers. That’s because according to Salesforce, it takes six to eight touches to generate a worthwhile sales lead. Below, you’ll find some of the reasons why this is the case.

Traditional Advertising Methods Are Outdated

Advertising grew tremendously over the past two or three decades to the point that customers are now immune to these strategies. Traditional advertising methods no longer affect consumers as they did previously. This also has to do with the rise of the Internet and the access that customers have to information.

Now, more than ever, customers can conduct their own research about a product. They do not need to be sold because they can find independent resources to help them make an informed buying decision. That’s why it’s crucial that businesses make an effort to build relationships with consumers, who are in search of companies they can trust.

Companies Over-Estimate When A Customer Is “Sales-Ready”

Too often, marketers pass leads on to the sales team before the customer is ready to be sold. If a company sells a customer too soon, it can come off as desperate or fake. Regardless, the customer will likely be turned off. It’s crucial that marketers spend time connecting with customers before you begin selling.

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