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Today, it’s not enough to just be a dental professional. In order to remain viable in a competitive marketplace, you must be able to handle things like marketing your dental practice, generate leads online and in the physical world, and more.

You may be able to hire a sales and marketing team who will handle this for you, but even then it’s very common for online leads to fail to convert. Increasing conversion rates is important, and online marketing continues to remain the primary focus for most businesses – including dental professionals. In fact, roughly $10 billion is spent every year on marketing online using content, and increasing those conversions that you generate is the key to maximizing your ROI.

Dental marketers who have the right components in place but who aren’t getting the conversions they feel they should be receiving will want to take steps to improve those rates. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will help you do just that.

Encourage Prospects To Schedule Online
The internet has become the go-to method of accomplishing many goals. As such, it’s important to quickly make sure that you’re generating a lead that is actually high quality. Encouraging prospects to schedule their appointment online is the key here. Making it easier to contact your group is important, but that all starts with ensuring your leads are quality.

Eliminating the barrier and making it easier for potential clients to schedule a demo or a conversion is important and can quickly reduce the ROI in a significant way.

Use Drip Marketing Tactics
Email drip campaigns have been proven to be highly successful online methods. Setting up a good campaign is important, and easier than you might think. There are two primary focuses to look at:

  • Linking doctor requests to a return contact method – whether phone call, email, or other communications.


  • Reinforce the link between the landing page and your overall brand and practice.


Along the way, you need to look for new ways to apply content marketing automation. You’ll want to consider the entire process that your dental practice uses to market and also think about the challenges in keeping a potential lead engaged. For instance:

  • Are you reminding a lead as to why they filled out the contact form?
  • Are you building a strong brand message?
  • Does each drip email deliver a new message that is still linked to your overall goal?

Drip marketing can increase conversion rates in a dramatic way, but you must be willing to develop strong campaigns that consistently engage with your leads to turn them into conversions.

Use Texts To Connect Immediately
Once a prospect reaches out initially, the next step is to make sure you follow through quickly. Texting may sound impersonal and unprofessional, but today’s world has changed that. Consider some of the numbers:

  • Texts have a 99% rate of being opened
  • Response rates for text message communications are 209% higher than phone calls
  • Texting with leads can increase conversions by 100%

Those involved in the dental world don’t have lots of time as it is, and setting aside time to contact the right people isn’t always easy. Add to this the fact that many end up bombarded by constant marketing messages, and it’s clear that you won’t always be able to reach them easily.

Texting is fast, easy, and gets results. Already, professionals agree that texting is a key element of effective marketing pipeline design. While you may need to combine it with things like email or phone calls, it’s something that you can’t afford to overlook.

Personalize Each Sales Pitch
Leads know when they’re just getting a marketing push that’s been done 1,000 times. The odds are that the person you’re reaching out to already knows your product and service and has an idea about what you can offer. And when you just deliver the same old cookie-cutter marketing push that you use for everyone, it becomes bland and impersonal.

Instead, consider customizing and personalizing your sales pitches. Get to know the person on the other end of the line – ask open ended questions, listen to their goals and their challenges, and then provide specific solutions to their problems.

This personal approach forges a stronger relationship between you and your prospects and shows them that you are actually focusing on providing solutions to their unique problems instead of on just getting another dollar in your bank account.

Create The Right Plan
These are just a few examples of how you can turn those online dental leads into conversions and get real results from them. Use them all or combine other tactics to create a unique plan that works directly to increase your bottom line. The right plan will have a huge impact on conversions and on the money that you earn from it.