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Dental practices may rely on the basic ‘need’ factor to attract new patients – but that only goes so far. After all, there are plenty of dental practices out there and finding the right one is something that today’s patients take seriously. So just how does your dental practice get new patients?

It’s not an answer that many dental practitioners can answer easily. The reason goes back to that need factor – most dentists simply rely on things like word of mouth marketing and other passive marketing steps. This is especially true if the practice has been established and the schedule is generally fairly busy.

But this isn’t the best approach for today’s businesses, and it’s not the best approach for today’s dental practices either. Instead, you should be striving to book more appointments and attract new patients. And with so many cosmetic dentistry options available, you should be looking into targeting potential patients directly to boost your profit margin.

Technology makes a big difference, but just harnessing that technology is something that can be difficult at first. However, we have several tips that can provide a big boost to your bottom line by driving up the number of appointments you are able to book. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best ways to increase the number of patients who schedule appointments with your facility.

Increase Reviews
Think of online reviews as a kind of digital word of mouth. It’s easy for a dental practice to make big claims online, but users aren’t going to just blindly believe that. But when they see past patients talking about how amazing a dental practice is, things change.

If you can get more reviews online, it has a number of effects on your online presence and your practice including:

  • Helps you rank higher in local searches
  • Establishes trust
  • Highlights your skills and services

Think about it – if you’re shopping around and see something with 2 good reviews and something with 60 good reviews, which one would you be more likely to use? It’s not always easy, of course. But putting forth the effort to inspire your clients to leave a review could help tremendously.

Increase Your Social Media Presence
Many dental practices just create a quick Facebook page and call it done. But if you actually use your social media page, you build a relationship with potential and existing clients. You’ll be able to show off work as you complete it, upload videos and before and after photos, and more. Here are some ways to increase your social media presence the right way:

  • Upload something daily
  • Make posts about dental health and hygiene
  • Upload before and after photos
  • Interact with users and answer questions they may post on your page

If you build your social media presence, you’ll build a stronger patient roster.

Run Special Offers
Let’s face it, everyone loves a sale. If you can offer something at a lower price than your competition, you need to let the world know about it. You can include it in your website headers, post about it on social media, and even include it in your search engine headlines. Paid advertisements on sites can also help, but be sure to focus on highlighting those special offers.

Get Involved Locally
Community events let you meet up with people face to face. When you’re out there, you show them that you’re a neighbor, not just a dentist hiding behind their office door. Some options for doing this include:

  • Host a charity event
  • Donate to local causes
  • Sponsor local events or youth sports teams
  • Attend festivals and other events in the area

If you’ll put forth some effort to be more a part of the community, it will reward you in a huge way.

Optimize Locally
You’re getting involved locally, but what about those online local searches? Local SEO is a different kind of SEO, and it’s one that you can’t ignore. If someone is searching for a dentist in your area, they’ll usually include the city name or even just ‘dentist near me’ and let their device’s location give them local results. As such, you’ll need to make sure that your site shows up in local search results.

To do so, use location based keywords in your blog, ad campaigns, and more. You may even want to talk to SEO experts to ensure you’re getting the right results.

Content Is Still King
Like it or not, content marketing is still the king online. The easiest way to keep your dental practice appearing high in search results and online is to generate content regularly. A blog is the simple option here, and when you upload a post at least once per week related to dental health you will see noticeable differences.

Build Your Dental Schedule
These are all simple steps you can use to build a stronger bottom line for yourself and fill up your schedule. Harness the power of technology for marketing, and you’ll see some very real results when you do.