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Dental implants offer tremendous benefits to patients, giving them the opportunity to improve their smile and their overall oral health in significant ways. But, it’s not always easy to close a case and convince a patient that implants are right for them.

There are plenty of factors that may play a role here – fear, budget, and more. But often, just having a team on your side that isn’t properly motivated is enough to create significant challenges and make it harder to convert someone into a dental implant patient. Opportunities may be out there, but if you can’t motivate your team to turn those opportunities into closed cases, your practice will continue to struggle.

Keeping your team motivated is one of the keys to success here. And while most dentists didn’t go into the profession to try to manage employees or motivate a sales team, the reality is that that’s what must be done in today’s world. Luckily, you do have several options to help with this that are easier than you might suspect. Here are just a few ways that you can motivate your team and increase your closed case ratio.

Offer Monetary Incentives Based On Consultations
Your front office team members are the point of contact for most clients. Your phone may begin to ring a good bit more once you start marketing your implants, and as such it’s important that you consider helping your front office team. You’ll need callers and prospective patients to actually become a patient, and the way that your front of office team handles phone calls will be vital for getting the best results.

One of the best ways to do this? Motivate your team by offering a bonus to those who schedule the most consultations or that reach a basic goal for consultations. You may use a single bonus account and then divide the money depending on a sliding scale or just offer a bonus to the entire team once a certain goal is reached. Either way, taking the time to set up monetary bonuses dependent on consultations can quickly increase your rate of closing.

Offer Bonuses That Depend Upon Closed Cases
Scheduling consultations is the first step. But you also have to actually close on those cases. No shows, implant patients who get cold feet during or after the initial consultation, and other issues are all problems that you’ll have to confront.

Some practices deal with this by offering bonuses to team members depending on just how many of their patients end up moving forward with treatment after scheduling the initial appointments. By tying incentives to closed cases, you ensure that your practice receives revenue and profits instead of just a constant string of patients who end up not following through with the procedure.

Offering a flat bonus rate when milestones are reached or even offering a percentage of profits to team members once closed cases meet a goal are great ways to motivate your team in a big way and keep them working hard on closing those cases and getting your practice a bigger bump to its bottom line.

Use Team Rewards To Reach Major Goals
Your entire team will be involved in the process of generating cases, closing them, and providing patient support. With that in mind, offering large team rewards for reaching certain goals is a great option. Instead of your team competing over a bonus, you offer an incentive that lets everyone enjoy something they may not experience all the time.

For example, setting a solid dental implant production goal and then announcing that a special reward will be offered to all team members is an easy step. Something like a work and play dental cruise such as Smiles at Sea is a great option. At the end of the quarter or the year, your entire team leaves for a cruise that is fun, takes them to exotic destinations, but also blends dental education into the process.

This is a simple option and many cruise liners may offer special rates and bonuses if you choose them and use a team-based ticket purchase. If you’re serious about improving your bottom line, these team bonuses are a great way to get there.

Plus, you can use smaller incentives for the team as well. Monthly rewards can be smaller but still tied to production goals, keeping them driving forward until they reach the big milestone that rewards in a big way.

The Bottom Line
Clearly, using money is the best option for those who are trying to motivate their team. It’s an easy driving factor and one that can quickly help you see an increase in your overall number of cases closed. If you’re trying to increase revenue by boosting the number of implants you handle, don’t overlook the options above and what they can do for you.