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Did you know that Facebook is one of the fastest-growing ad networks? True story.

For dentists struggling to maintain a steady lead flow, you can see why Facebook is a very effective tool practices can use to consistently bring in leads. Many practices, however, are somewhat hesitant about investing in Facebook ads as a major source of lead generation because of their cost.

But when used correctly, your return on investment will be worth it when you take into consideration the lifetime value of a customer.

The key to quickly generating consistent dental leads with Facebook ads involves 4 steps. But first, let’s start with what a great offer looks like:


Some of the most effective services you can offer are a discount on a dental implant or on Invisalign.

The offer increases the odds of those who are In-Market taking you up on your offer and becoming a new patient. After trust is established, you’ll have the opportunity to upsell to other paid services such as deep cleaning or cavity repair and establish a new lifetime customer.

You’ll want to target your offer to the right age, and gender demographics that the offer has the largest appeal to.

Facebook offers features that will help you target your ads based on this type of data, and while your offer will appeal to people you DON’T target as well, you’ll want to focus on ONE audience segment at a time. This will allow you to hone in your offer, and get the best bang for your advertising buck to yield consistent leads from your dental ads.

Though Facebook’s demographic targeting helps you target the right audience, unfortunately Facebook doesn’t actually tell you who is looking right now for dental implants or Invisalign. That’s where Adjossible can be helpful with our proprietary In-Market targeting Artificial Intelligence targeting technology. This empowers us to target your Facebook ads to those who are In-Market ONLY, those looking now to buy higher-end dental services right now. (To learn more about In-Market targeting, click here now.)


In order to get these leads into your office, you’ll need to create four steps that flow seamlessly from one to another and are relatively easy to navigate.


As one of the most important elements of your lead generating strategy, your Facebook ad must be able to capture the attention of your target audience and compel them to click the ad with a great offer.

Select the “Consideration” ad type that will “Send people to a destination on or off Facebook”. Now you can move on to the targeting process. Facebook lets you segment based on life events, behaviors and interests.

So to attract local leads for your dental Implants, for example, you’ll want to choose these targeting options:

  • Your business address +25 miles
  • Women 40-55
  • Household Composition: Empty Nesters
    Parent: (13-18 Years) Parents with Teenagers;
    and (18-26 years) Parents with Adult Children
  • Life Events: Anniversary in 31-60 Days



From here, you can set up your ad to attract the potential patients you targeted who actually see it.

At this point, you’re not trying to sell something to your audience. The goal is to get them to click your offer and sign up so you can add them to your email list. Once that’s accomplished, you can follow up with them about other services.

Your audience will need page to land on once they click through the ad. This is where the opt-in to your offer will collect their email address for your list.

Other demographic targeting options to consider

  • Relationship
    • Interested In:
      • Men
      • Women
      • Men and Women
      • Unspecified
    • Relationship Status:
      • Single
      • In a Relationship
      • Married
      • Engaged
      • Unspecified
      • Civil Union
      • Domestic Partnership
      • Open Relationship
      • Complicated
      • Separated
      • Divorced
      • Widowed
  • Education
    • Education Level:
      • Associate degree
      • College Grad
      • Doctorate Degree
      • High School Grad
      • In College
      • In Grad School
      • In High School
      • Master’s degree
      • Professional Degree
      • Some College
      • Some High School
      • Some Grad School
      • Unspecified
    • Fields of Study
    • Schools
    • Undergrad Years
  • Work
    • Employer
    • Job Title
    • Industries:
      • Administrative
      • Architecture and Engineering
      • Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media
      • Business and Financial Operations
      • Cleaning and Maintenance
      • Community and Social Services
      • Computer and Mathematics
      • Construction and Extraction
      • Education and Library
      • Farming, Fishing and Forestry
      • Food Preparation and Services
      • Healthcare and Medical
      • IT and Technical
      • Installation and Repair
      • Legal
      • Management
      • Military
      • Personal Care
      • Production
      • Protective Service
      • Retail
      • Sales
      • Science
      • Temporary and Seasonal
      • Transportation and Moving
    • Office Type:
  • Home Office
  • Small Business
  • Small Office
  • Financial
    • Income:
      • $40,000 – $50,000
      • $50,000 – $75,000
      • $75,000 – $100,000
      • $100,000 – $125,000
      • $125,000 – $150,000
      • $150,000 – $250,000
      • $250,000 – $350,000
      • $350,000 – $500,000
      • Over $500,000
    • Net Worth:
      • $1 – $100,000
      • $100,000 – $200,000
      • $200,000 – $500,000
      • $500,000 – $750,000
      • $750,000 – $1,000,000
      • $1,000,000 – $2,000,000
      • Over $2,000,000
  • Home
    • Home Type:
      • Apartment
      • Condo
      • Multi-Family Home
      • Single
    • Property Size
    • Square Footage
    • Year Home Built
    • Home Value
    • Home Ownership:
      • First-time Homebuyer
      • Homeowners
      • Renters
    • Household Composition:
      • Children in Home
      • Empty Nesters
      • Grandparents
      • New Parents
      • New Teen Drivers
      • No Children in Home
      • Veterans in Home
      • Working Women
      • Young and Hip
      • Young Adults in Home
  • Ethnic Affinity
    • African American (US)
    • Asian American (US)
    • Hispanic (US > All)
    • Hispanic (US > Bilingual)
    • Hispanic (US > English Dominant)
    • Hispanic (US > Spanish Dominant)
  • Generation
    • Baby boomers
    • Generation X
    • Milennials
  • Parents
    • All Parents:
      • (0-12 months) New Parents
      • (1-2 Years) Parents with Toddlers
      • (3-5 Years) Parents with Preschoolers
      • (6-8 Years) Parents with Early School Age Children
      • (8-12 Years) Parenst with Preteens
      • (13-18 Years) Parents with Teenagers
      • (18-26 years) Parents with Adult Children
      • Expectant Parents
      • Parents (All)
    • Moms:
      • Big-City Moms
      • Corporate Moms
      • Fit Moms
      • Green Moms
      • Moms of Grade School Kids
      • Moms of High School Kids
      • Moms of Preschool Kids
      • New Moms
      • Soccer Moms
      • Stay-at-Home Moms
      • Trendy Moms
  • Politics
    • Self-Reported
      • Democrat
      • Democrat and Independent
      • Democrat and Republican
      • Democrat, Republication and Independent
      • Donate to Conservative Political Causes
      • Donate to Liberal Political Causes
      • Independent
      • Republican
      • Republican and Independent
    • US Politics (Active)
    • US Politics (Conservative)
    • US Politics (Liberal)
    • US Politics (Moderate)
    • US Politics (Very Conservative)
    • US Politics (Independent)
    • US Politics (Very Liberal)
  • Life Events
    • Anniversary within 30 Days
    • Away From Family
    • Away From Hometown
    • Friends of
    • Long Distance Relationship
    • New Job
    • New Relationship
    • Newly Engaged (1 Year)
    • Newly Engaged (3 Months)
    • Newly Engaged (6 Months)
    • Newlywed (1 Year)
    • Newlywed (3 Months)
    • Newlywed (6 Months)
    • Recently Moved
    • Upcoming Birthday

Interests – You’ll want to target the interests, hobbies, and Pages your target audience Likes on Facebook. Here are the categories you can choose from, (which have many subcategories):

  • Business and industry
  • Entertainment
  • Family and relationships
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Food and drink
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Shopping and fashion
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Technology


Behaviors: Users activities on or off Facebook, such as device usage, purchase behaviors or intents, travel preferences, and more. Here you can search or browse from the following categories (which again, have many, many subcategories):

  • Automotive
  • B2B
  • Charitable Donations
  • Digital Activities
  • Expats
  • Financial
  • Job Role
  • Media
  • Mobile Device User
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Residential Profiles
  • Seasonal and Events
  • Travel


You may already have a website for your dental practice, but sending your leads there to collect information is not recommended.

Instead, use a platform like LeadPages or Unbounce to build your landing page. Not only are they very user-friendly, but they also has great customer service and offers great templates to set your pages up quickly.


Once your potential lead enters their information on the landing page and clicks on the “YES” button, they’ll be added to your email list and automatically redirected to a Thank You page.

This page is where you can do the following:

  1. Create a sense of urgency so that the potential patient will feel compelled to contact you promptly to claim their offer.
  2. Feature a call tracking phone number. Twilio.com allows you to set up a unique phone number that will forward calls to your business, making it easier to track ad campaign effectiveness. Twilio also lets you set up text notifications on leads as they come in so you know exactly which leads are funneling to you from Facebook.
  3. Provide a channel for leads to connect with you on social media—hugely important since “word-of-mouth” referrals are a strong lead source.

Setting up an ad, landing page and thank you page will put you in a position to get immediate leads. Remember though, following up with the leads plays a crucial role in closing the deal.


Following up with your leads is a step that will determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign. It’s crucial to make the new lead feel like they’re more than just a number to you by connecting with them on a personal level.

To accomplish this, set up an email in your autoresponder that will go out immediately after they click the button on your landing page. Thank your potential patient for signing up for your offer and repeat the tracking phone number you set up on the thank you page.

It’s recommended that you use WooSender or Drip as your autoresponder. They are cost-effective, easy to setup automations, and it also integrates with most websites and payment processors.

The other part of the follow-up process is making contact with your leads. Each day, set aside some time to call these potential new patients. After all, they took the time to fill out the form, so they most likely want to be contacted.


“Facebook advertising is really taking off because it offers an abundance of opportunity for advertisers of nearly all industries,” says WordStream.

Set up your dental practice to bring in consistent leads by following the four steps above.  This process will help you peak the interest of potential patients so you can get them into your office and build trust with your free offer so you can turn them into loyal clients who return again and again.

At Adjossible, we know that setting up a new patient lead funnel, using Facebook ads, can be A LOT of work. And although Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities are powerful, you still don’t know who is In-Market, those ready to buy today.

If you would like to market ONLY to those who are In-Market, looking and ready to buy a dental implant or other high-end dental services today, that’s where Adjossible can be helpful. With expert team of Facebook marketing professionals and our proprietary In-Market targeting Artificial Intelligence targeting technology we guarantee to generate at least 50 dental leads per month. To learn more about our In-Market Facebook dental lead generation service, click here now!