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If you’re looking to improve your company’s inbound marketing practices, you should consider some of the learnings from Gartner, (formerly known as CEB Global.) Gartner excels when it comes to business-to-business sales and can provide various tools and tips that could help improve your marketing efforts. One of the things that they believe in is the idea that there are two numbers of which marketers should concern themselves. They say that these two numbers best sum up the changes that have occurred in the B2B marketing industry during the past decade.


This number represents the fact that 57% of purchase decisions are made before a B2B customer engages directly with any supplier. This means that before you even reach out to a potential customer, they likely have already drawn up their own opinions of your business practices. If you do not take the time to produce quality inbound marketing content, you may have a more difficult time overcoming these preconceived notions.


This figure is representative of the point where buying groups are more in conflict with one another. This means that salespeople must reach buying groups before they reach the 37% mark. Doing so could help better frame the problem and detail how their solutions could be beneficial.

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