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Ahead Of The Buzzword Curve: Finding Investors In Front Of Top Tech Trends – Crunchbase News

It’s all but in the job description for technology investors – particularly those focused on early-stage companies – to not just keep abreast of new tech trends, but to get out in front of them. But who, exactly, are the venture firms to pick up on one of these trends first?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: news.crunchbase.com

Have you ever wondered which VC companies seem to spot the trends and jump on them before anyone else? How helpful could knowing this be in spoting trends for your business?

Founder & CEO, Adjossible

Passionate about helping businesses achieve their potential through marketing. Chad is a data-driven digital marketing expert and strategist that has helped startups and enterprise companies scale, such as Rain Retail Software, Yottabyte, Elite Entrepreneurs, Clear Task Solutions, Tiggly, Trusted Media Brands, New York & Company, among others. "I am passionate about using inbound marketing and digital marketing strategies and tactics to help create awareness, generate warm leads, and acquire new customers for your brand." -Chad Holland

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